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Privacy Policies

A  protection and preservation of the information provided on this Internet is a constant concern and as such, it is permanently reviewed and improved the security system associated with it. At information provided by visitors when navigating this the Internet will be kept confidential and for internal use only in the context of the contractual relationship established with the consumer, being ceded to third parties.


Guarantees are given by manufacturers. In the event of a claim under warranty, the product should be sent to Tons d 'Azul Lda or directly to the manufacturer / brand technicians.

Tons d 'Azul Lda does not under any circumstances perform technical interventions on products under warranty.

Electronic Terms of Sale

1. Prices:
 The prices shown are exclusive of Tons d 'Azul online channel Lda, and do not include postage, which is for the account of the customer, except when expressly indicated. Prices indicated as "promotional" are valid only in the periods indicated or until stock breach. prices shown include VAT at the statutory rates in force in each are subject to change without notice and are valid exclusively in the territory of mainland Portugal.

2. Forms of payment:
The possible forms of payment, and any costs associated with them, are those presented at the time of purchase.

3. Return of articles:
 The Consumer may terminate the agreement within 7 days of the date of purchase, or within 30 days after delivery of the goods.

In order to terminate the contract you must, however, observe the following conditions:
 • The purchased product must be returned in its original packaging and conditions in which it was sold. Any use of the product or violation  of the original packaging immediately cancels the possibility of return.  • Inform Tons d 'Azul Lda by sending us by registered letter with notice your agreement to terminate your contract with us. at the time of purchase. The product may be accompanied by this letter • In case of termination of the contract, Tons d 'Azul Lda. undertakes to repay, within a maximum period of 15 days, the amounts  by the consumer, less a value of 5% of the purchase price  to cover administrative costs and transaction charges electronics, handling and shipping of the goods. This value is applied even if the resolution occurs before sending the goods to the address indicated by the customer at the time of purchase.

It is the responsibility of the client to get to our facilities the product in good condition of packaging, being that:
• Shipping and / or return shipping costs of the client, being his exclusive responsibility.  • The product travels under the full responsibility of the customer (we advise  use a means of transport that includes merchandise insurance for foresee damage or loss of the merchandise)

Important Note - These conditions are only valid for purchases space of virtual store of Tons d 'Azul Lda.

Alternative consumer conflict resolution
Em case of online consumer litigation, the consumer may have recourse to a dispute settlement system (RLL), the ODR Platform ("Online dispute resolution"), with competence for resolution of disputes relating to contractual obligations arising from contracts of  sale or online services.

Access here to the Platform Electronic Dispute Resolution in contracts for sale or online services.

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